Creative Client List

SiteSpecific (agency)
  • Modeled, animated and rendered 3D animated "talk show" for as well as and handled all CGI programming for the 2-time Clio-nominated web site.
  • Created several cross-platform screen savers by integrating 3D animated assets into Macromedia Director-based Shockwave application.
  • Created graphic assets and programming for Shockwave authored games 'PowerCheck Hockey' and 'Duracell E-Racer' for promotional contests.

DoubleAught (client)
  • Developed low-polygon 3D creatures with animation loops for video game based on rough artist sketches and descriptions while keeping within limitations imposed by the game engine.

Raytheon (client)
  • Storyboarded, modeled, animated and rendered animation of towed sonar body being deployed from back of ship for closed circuit broadcast in training mock-up.
  • Storyboarded, modeled, animated and rendered animation depicting functionality of an all-weather, all sea-conditions anti-submarine missile launch.

iPlay (client)
  • Developed 3D low-polygon creatures for video game based on rough artist sketches and descriptions while keeping within limitations imposed by the game engine.

SimStar (agency)
  • Designed, developed and implemented a database-driven content management system for Schering-Plough's web site.

Noesis/CommonHealth (agency)
  • Modeled and rendered 3D illustrations depicting pharmaceutical mascot in 4 seasonal environments for promotional print calendar. Mascot was developed as a full 3D object based on an existing 2D design.
  • Modeled and rendered 3D assets featuring the pharmaceutical mascot for Flash-based email campaign.

Fathom Communications (agency)
  • Developed and produced background video for three live stage shows launching new products: Hasbro DareToDiva, Hasbro VideoNow Jr., Hasbro VideoNowColor. Responsible for storyboarding, creating 3D rendered elements, compositing multiple layers of assets and final DVD creation.

TheWorks (agency)
  • Modeled, animated and rendered two :30 broadcast spots for Weichert Realtors based on storyboards and descriptions supplied by the client.

Fusion Design (agency)
  • Designed, modeled and rendered images for Altman ODEC Outdoor Framing Projector print brochure based on measurements taken directly from pre-production product.
  • Designed, modeled and rendered illustration of 'FidoLight9000' character for full page advertisement in Lighting & Sound America magazine.

Interference Inc. (agency)
  • Developed custom Windows-based application used for holiday HGTV promotion in Times Square. Software captured 30 second "holiday greeting" video, encoded into several video formats, inserted into Flash movie and burned the final cross-platform video greeting card to CDrom. Responsible for interface design, program design, Macintosh version of final Flash movie.
  • Designed and programmed NetFlix Academy Awards promotional web site which featured social media sharing as well as an administrative interface used by NetFlix project leaders. Visual design implemented in HTML/CSS based on designer mock-ups.
  • Designed, programmed and maintained administrative content management systems for national Svedka Vodka and WaMu promotional campaigns

TurnThru Creative (agency)
  • Developed animated Flash banners for PMI based on storyboards supplied by the agency for $1M online media buy.
  • Rendered 3D illustrations based on agency storyboards for New York Methodist Hospital outreach campaign concept.